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The most technologically advanced water purification system for unlimited supply of clean, pure and healthy water in your home.

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Edel Wasser changes the quality of your drinking water – and the quality of your life!

The best way to protect your and your family’s health is with a constant supply of clean, pure water straight from your tap. Zepter Edel Wasser will supply the purest water for all your needs. By drinking 2-3 l of water purified by Zepter Edel Wasser per day you can improve the overall condition of your body, strengthen your immune system and boost your health.

By removing dangerous pollutants from your water, you remove the dangers posed by these toxic substances that can have fatal consequences in the short and long term..

5-step filters to guarantee quality and safety

Edel Wasser uses reverse osmosis and 5-stage filtration system, the most efficient filtering way to pure drinking water. It is certified by Water Quality Association.

The process of water purification takes place in 5 steps:

Sertifikat za kvalitet vode
step 1 and 2

Neo-Sense filter

Reduces aesthetic chlorine,odour, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

step 3

Reverse osmosis membrane filter

Reverse Osmosis produces clean water by passing water through a membrane to remove contaminants. It uses pressurised force to separate solvents found in water. Reduces water contaminants such as pentavalent arsenic, barium, cadmium, selenium, radium 226/228, trivalent chromium, hexavalent chromium, lead, nitrate/nitrite.

step 4

Ino-Sense filter

Reduces smell induction material and improves water taste. It also has the function to reduce aesthetic chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s).

step 5

Antibacterial filter

Contains silver which inhibits the propagation of microorganisms.

Edel Wasser device specifications

ModelPwc - 670 gold Pwc - 670 black
DIMENSION 200 mm (Width) X 390 mm (Depth) X 370 mm (Height)
Maximum Daily Water Production Volume76,8 l/d - 112 l/d (for conditions: water temperature 25 degC, 138 kPa / 1,34 bar/20 psi / 344,74 kPa / 3,45 bar / 50 psi)
Working Pressure138 kPa - 827 kPa
Working temperature From 5ºC to + 35ºC
ApplicationFor home use. A device for water filtration by reverse osmosis.
NAPONNije primenjivo
ProtectionFloat valve (cutting off water filtration)
Filter replacement frequencyRecommended term of replacement, counted from the date of installation: PWC-670-01 NEO SENSE - mechanical filter - every 6 months PWC-670-02 INNO SENSE – mechanical-carbon filter - every 18 months PWC-670-03 RO membrane filter 20 GPD - every 20-24 months PWC-670-09 Hygienic filter – every 20-12 months The table shows only approximate, estimated series of exchanges not their warranty period. To ensure the most optimal filtration you may need to replace filters with greater frequency. Speed and quality of the filtration (the yield of water) is mainly dependent on water pressure, temperature and quality of the filtered water. Thus, reverse osmosis system always generate a recoil water. For EDELWASSER the ratio is provided 4:1 and in case of low pressure on the network even 6:1.
Montage Installation and service of purchased product should be carried out by the Customer on their own or with local plumber or hire local company which provides such services – on Customer cost. These activities should be carried out according to the manual delivered with product. The manual is also available in section 'Presentation'. EDELWASSER, the device for purifying water, is designed to be mounted on the worktop. Installation, operation, maintenance and repair should be performed only by manual instruction. We recommend preparing the installation site: • The distance between the place of connection and the place of installation of the device should not exceed 1.5 m • The distance from the source of water should not exceed 3 m. • The distance from the outflow of consumed water should not exceed 3 m • The dimensions of the installation site should be consistent with the dimensions of the EDELWASSER. It is recommended to install the device near the sink to make the inlet and outlet water hoses easily accessible. Note: Depending on the installation place and technical possibilities of connecting it to the drainage system, it may be necessary to drill a hole, e,g. in the kitchen worktop. Therefore, any additional work to prepare the site and infrastructure for installation /connection of the filter (e.g. specialized drilling of holes in stone, marble or other tops, adaptation of the drainage system, installation of independent water supplies, securing additional connections and valves) must be predicted by the customer.
CompositionService and installation manual The device (with filters Neo-sense, reverse osmosis and Inno-sense) Elbow (1/4 inch white) - 4 pieces Clamp into the drain - 1 piece Water hoses (double enclosure, ¼ inch) - 5m Adapter ½ (valve1/4) - 1 piece Hygienic filter – 1 piece Band clips x 2
Warranty2 years
Gross weight 6 kг
ProducerHOME ART. & SALES SERVICES AG , Sihleggstrasse 23 , 8832 Wollerau-Switzerland
Do not use with water that is microbiologically unsafe or of unknown quality without adequate disinfection before or after the system.

Why is Edel Wasser so special?

Edel Wasser is a wireless water purifying system. That means it does not use electricity to provide you best pure water straight from your tap. It provides you and your family drinking water filtered of all impurities. It is specially designed to fit countertops. That means it does not steal space under your sink.

Najbolji preciscivac vode za kucu Edel Wasser

Advanced technology, modern design, totally efficient and ecological water purifying system

5-step water filtration system

Uses reverse osmosis and 5-stage filtration system, one of the most widely used water purification processes in the world.

Certified and tested

Certified and tested by the Water Quality Association
according to international standard
NSF/ANSI 42, 53 and 58

Antibacterial system

The Antibacterial filter ensures your water is free from harmful bacteria and viruses that make you ill, offering a last line of defence to your family’s health.

Uniform water pressure

Continuous extraction, uniform water pressure and closed tank prevents secondary pollution and provides extra sanitary protection


Thanks to Edel Wasser you will save money on purchasing bottled water and protecting the environment from pollution. You will never spend money on bottled water again


Works on water pressure, meaning
there is no motor or electrical parts


No electrical power, just water pressure


Space-saving (ideal for small places/kitchens). Easy to install and easy to maintain.

Outstanding aesthetics and compact design

A design concept that embodies the modern imperatives of health, design, ecology, economy and intelligence, Zepter Edel Wasser is future-proof.

Zepter Edel Wasser preciscivac vode

Device performance data

Substance Max. Allowable Concentration (mg/L)Average Influent (mg/L)Average Effluent (mg/L) Minimum Percent Reduction (%)Average Percent Reduction (%)
Arsenic (Pentavalent) 0,0100,30170,00140699,399,5
Radium 226/228 5 pCi/L25 pCi/L5 pCi/LN/A N/A
Chromium (Hexavalent) 0,10,30110,00189498.199.4
Chromium (Trivalent) 0.100 0.29990.00066999.599.8
Nitrate/Nitrite 1029,64,878,584,4
TDS <187,5726,718,996,397,4
Aesthetic Chlorine redukovano ≥ 50%2,070,5654,5372,8
VOC*redukovano ≥ 95%0,32740,000894,399,7
*While testing was performed under laboratory conditions, actual performance may vary.
Edel-Wasser water purifier - devices-colors

VIDEO Series

EdelWasser device installation part 1
Edel Wasser device installation part 1
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Edel Wasser device installation part 2
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Edel Wasser Maintenance
Edel Wasser Maintenance
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