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Is the tap water we drink safe? Mostly not.


There are many “regulated” contaminants and even more unregulated toxins present in tap water.

Tap water is often purified by adding disinfection solvents such as chloride and other chemicals which end up in our bodies, like arsenic, lead cadmium, fluoride or bacteria, yeasts and viruses.

The “purified” tap water that reaches our homes is often full of iron compounds, because the water travels through old corroded underground pipes and all of that rust reaches the water we usually drink and use in the household. The long exposure to such chemicals leads to skin damage, problems with the circulatory system, increased risk of getting cancer, kidney problems, high blood pressure and other serious health conditions.


Is the tap water we drink safe? Mostly not.

Is the bottled water we drink safe? Probably not.

The biggest concerns are the water bottles that contain BPA (Bisphenol A), which is a toxic chemical categorised as an endocrine disruptor, affecting the normal hormone levels in our body.

Even if the material were not a cause of worry, the fact that this industry is not strictly regulated and not obliged to mention the water source on the labels, should be. Some bottled water comes from pristine sources, but a huge percentage simply comes from the municipal supply. More often than not, we choose bottled water because we think that there are no other options. But this solution is expensive and very inconvenient.

When we decide for bottled water to be our drinking-water source, we choose to carry hundreds of heavy bottles which are disposed when emptied, adding to already heavy environmental contamination.

Despite the inconvenience and high cost of our bottled-water investment we can’t be sure that what’s inside the bottle is actually of quality.

Why buy expensive bottled water and put your health at risk?


Is the filtered water we drink safe? Mostly yes.

The market today offers a wide range of with filters that vary widely in quality, design, efficiency and price. Many systems, although pricey, lack the necessary certification, quality control or safety features. They are missing scientific data reports on water purifying efficiency, posing a real
threat to our health and well-being.

Filtered water may well be the best, healthiest and cheapest solution if you find the right water filtering system.

Think twice before drinking another glass of water – take the smart decision!

Is the filtered water we drink safe? Mostly yes.

Zepter has once again found a perfect solution

We do not compromise with health and safety! Edel Wasser is the most advanced water purification system. It brings the joy of clean water to everybody: to those who care about their health, to those who appreciate the taste of clean water and want it always readily available at home, to those who realize how important a clean environment is but also to those who are eager to save on their drinking water expenses.

EdelWasser device installation part 1
Edel Wasser device installation part 1i
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Edel Wasser device installation part 2
Edel Wasser device installation part 2i
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Edel Wasser Maintenance
Edel Wasser Maintenancei
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